How can we set ad filtering for our game?


  • I use Unity Ads to monetize my game and would like to target a specific audience, for example one based on age. Can I do this through the Unity Ads dashboard?


Targeting a specific audience may help drive traffic to your game.


Ad filtering by age group can be done through the Unity Ads dashboard:

1. Log in to the Unity Ads dashboard.

2. Select a project from your list of projects.

3. Select the platform under the Platforms tab.

4. Select the Ad Filtering tab of the project.

5. On this page, you will be able to do any of the following:

  • Set the age group on an ad.
  • Set the types of game genre that appear in your game's ads.
  • Set the types of brand ads that appear in your game's ads.

To add filters to your game, you need to select the ad genre that you do not wish to see. 

7. Click the button marked Save when you are done to save the changes.

More Information

If you are still seeing ads that are inappropriate for your game, you will need to look at the filters that you have set and include more if necessary. 

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