Why does my game have a low eCPM?


  • I am looking at my stats report for my game and noticed that my eCPM is low. Why is this?


Low eCPM (effective Cost Per Mille) could be due to how ads are integrated into the game.


A low eCPM could be due to the following:

  • Your game shows too many ads and the traffic quality turns bad so we cannot target well-performing ads to your players.
  • The ad placements are not optimal - rewarded ads that are shown after gameplay perform better as the player is satisfied with playing and still vested in their high score. If ads are shown before gameplay, the content is not as relevant to the player as your game currently would be, so they're simply waiting to get back to the game.
  • Generally it's better to show only opt-in rewarded ads instead of a mix of opt-in rewarded and compulsory rewarded as the compulsory ads reduce the novelty of the opt-in ones. Showing fewer ads usually helps the important placements to perform better.

More Information

The reason you may see different eCPM for different countries is because the advertisers bid differently for each country, and in some countries the bids are lower. You will see better results if you get more traffic globally.

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