How do I improve the conversion rate of my campaigns?


  • I want to increase the conversion rate of my ads.


Showcasing your game and gameplay will help to increase the conversion rate of your ads.


The most important thing is to have an enticing advertisement - a video that stands out from other videos in the network is likely to convert better. You should also show gameplay in the trailer to make sure that users who do convert really know what to expect from your game.

Other things you can do to improve conversion rate include:

  • Run multiple videos simultaneously to maximise the diversity of in-game content seen by potential users.
  • Refresh your videos every few months (resources permitting).
  • Remember that the number of impressions your videos receive are directly linked to your eCPM - the best way to increase your eCPM (and thus also impressions) is to try increasing your CPI bid price.


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