How do I create a Unity Ads account?


  • I am a mobile game developer and am interested in using Unity Ads to generate revenue for my apps.


You may be unsure how to make a Unity Ads account in order to monetize your game.


If you are are new to Unity Ads, or are using 5.2 or later, you will be directed to use the new Unity Ads dashboard. There you can create and edit projects and ad placements.

More Information

If you have an existing Unity Ads account with game profiles under the legacy Unity Ads admin, you can continue to use the old admin to manage your games profiles. If however, these game profiles are currently being used for monetization, they will be migrated to the new Unity Ads Dashboard.

If you are an advertiser looking to acquire new users through Unity Ads, you will need to continue using the legacy Unity Ads admin to setup game profiles and run video ad campaigns.


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