I am receiving Cloud Diagnostics data on my device, but not in the Editor.


  • I am unable to see reporting data in the Editor, but I can read this information on my build devices.
  • I can see the reporting data in my dashboard, but the Editor is not showing any information


We are aware of this issue as a potential bug.


If you experience this issue, initially make sure that you have enabled Cloud Diagnostics  in your Project dashboard by clicking 'Enable Cloud Diagnostics '. You should also check that it is enabled in the Editor, but going to the Services tab and ensuring that Cloud Diagnostics is set to 'On'.

If Cloud Diagnostics is enabled in both the dashboard and the Editor, but you are still failing to receive data, please contact us with the following information so we can investigate the matter further:

  • Your Project ID or GUID/ UPID
  • The version of Unity you are using
  • Whether you are using the stand-alone Plugin or Service Integration method
  • If you are using the Plugin, please provide the version number if possible
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