I have an active Unity Plus subscription, but I cannot access the Cloud Diagnostics tool


  • I have activated my Unity Plus subscription, but I cannot access theCloud Diagnostics Service
  • Cloud Diagnostics is not working in either the Editor, or the Device, while I am on a Plus subscription.


Access to theCloud Diagnostics service should be granted shortly after you have activated your Unity Plus license.


Firstly, please ensure that you have enabledCloud Diagnostics in your Project dashboard by clicking ‘EnableCloud Diagnostics':



Once this has been done, you will be taken to your dashboard. Selecting the ‘Getting Started’ tab will show you the two methods of activating this Service within the Editor, depending on the version of Unity you are using.

If you have followed the above and are still unable to access this service with your Unity Plus license, please get in touch with Support by submitting a new ticket here with the following information:

  • Your Project GUID / UPID / ID
  • The Version of Unity you are currently using
  • Whether you are using the stand-alone Plug-in or Service Integration method
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    Fabio Polimeni

    I have a Plus subscription, but the overview asks me the get a Pro license in order to enable de game performance, which is clearly not what has been advertised on the license page, or either what is stated on this unhelpful FAQ.

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    Hi Polifa,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

    The Plus license should give you access to performance reporting.

    As licenses are attached to organisations, only projects under that specific organisation can allow Plus & Pro services to be enabled.

    I'd ask that you ensure the project you are attempting to enable performance reporting on is part of the organisation that has your plus license attached. Please also make sure that the seats for the license are assigned to members of the team who are working on the project. 

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