How do I develop to Sony platforms?


  • How do I develop to a PS4/ PSVita or other Sony platforms?
  • I want to deploy to a Playstation platform, how can I do this?


If you attempt to build to a Sony platform, you will be faced with the following (or similar) message if you do not have a Playstation license activated:

“Your license does not cover PS4 publishing"


If you would like to use Unity to develop for PS4 or other Sony hardware, you will need to be a certified Sony developer.

To register as a Sony Developer, please click the following link.

Once certified as a Sony Developer, you will be granted access to Sony’s DevNet developer forum. You will need to submit a private DevNet ticket with a Sony Representative, who will be able to provide you with a Unity license to develop to PS4.

More Information

For information on how to access the Playstation forums, please see this page.

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