I am receiving the error: 'Unable to transfer project to another organization.' How do I rectify this?


  • I am a Unity user and want to move my project to another Organization
  • I am getting the error 'Unable to transfer project to another Organization'


If Ads is enabled, it locks the project to the Organization it is linked to.


To transfer a Project over to another Organization, go into the settings tab of your Project here.

Here you will be able to pick the alternative Organization to transfer your Project to. You need to be the Owner or Manager of the this alternative Organization.

If you have Ads service enabled for the particular project however, this project will be locked to the first Organization. You can alter this by disabling Ads for the project, transferring said project, and then re-enabling the Ads service.


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    Nitzan Wilnai

    Would be great if you can tell us how to disable ads for a project.

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    Unity Ads Support

    Hi Nitzan,

    Are you having problems? 

    Can you please send a message to

    Thank you

    Kind Regards, 


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