Can I use Unity assets in my game?


  • I have seen a Unity created asset that I think would be great for my project
  • I want to know if I could use Unity's assets for my commercial game


Unity occasionally create tutorials and showcases for new features that involve assets created by ourselves to demonstrate what the article/tutorial is showing. We often release these assets to the Community for users to see for themselves how they function, or use them when completing tutorials.


It is legally fine to use Unity's assets, according to our Licensing.

We recommend you do not use them in commercial games and content however, since assets in our tutorial and example projects are well known. They are intended for use in non-commercial content for educational purposes only.

Please note: Assets on our Asset Store may not be resold. 

More Information

How Do I Report A Copyright Infringement For An Asset On The Asset Store?

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    Zedd Bread


    I am a 3D animation student studying Unity and also Maya.

    For my major assessment I was wondering if I could use your street asset outside of Unity, rather I would like to include this in my Maya Show-Reel.

    If so what are the requirements.

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