How do I access Unity Courseware with my license?


  • I have purchased a Plus, Pro or Enterprise license
  • I would like to know how to gain access to the Courseware packages


Certification Courseware is available free with licenses purchased after 28th June 2016. There are different levels of access depending on the license purchased:

Unity Plus - 1 month of access
Unity Pro - 3 months of access
Unity Enterprise - 3 months of access


To gain access to the Courseware, you first need to assign a seat of your new license to your account.

Once you have assigned the seat, you will receive two emails from us - the first will give you your serial number to activate Unity. The second will give you your Courseware access.

More Information

For more information on Courseware, please see our Certification section.

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    julien bertelle


    Does the month begin with the Unity plus subscription or can it be begun whenever we want during the subscription ?

    Also, do we get a month for each year or is it just for the first year ?


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    Hey. Thanks for the questions!

    The month's access to the Courseware begins when you choose to use and activate it.

    When you assign yourself a license seat, you will receive an email that gives you your Courseware access. When this is followed, your 1 month will begin!

    The 1 month's access is valid only once and not on a per year basis.

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    Andrew Deutsch

    Hi there,

    I upgraded to a pro account but didn't receive an email re: courseware. Please let me know how I can get this info, thanks!

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    Hi Andrew,

    You will need to assign your license seat, before you receive the email regarding your Courseware access!

    You can assign your seat by following the instructions in the below article:

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