Who can use Unity Plus?


  • I would like to know if I am eligible to use Plus
  • I would like to start a new Plus subscription, or convert an old license to Plus


Plus is a new license tier as of June 28th 2016 and has a revenue cap.


If you wish to use Plus, you must be earning under $200,000 per fiscal year in revenue or funding.

Assuming you meet the above, you can start a new Plus subscription.

In the case of perpetual license holders, this means that you can start a subscription to Plus and it will not replace your perpetual license; you will have both a perpetual license and a Plus subscription license.

Pro subscription license owners must wait for their 12 month contract to end before subscribing to Plus if they wish to switch tiers. It is not possible to mix subscription license tiers, so you may not use Pro and Plus subscriptions at the same time.

More Information

To purchase Plus, or check license options, please see our Store.

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