How do I activate my license?


  • I have not used Unity before and would like to know how to activate my license
  • I would like to activate Personal, Plus, or Pro
  • I have used Unity Personal, but would like to update the Editor to my new Plus or Pro license.


There are a couple of ways to activate, depending on your network situation.


The fastest way to activate is online. Guidance for this can be found here

If you are in a secure network environment, or receive an error while activating, it may be due to a connectivity problem. Please try Manually Activating. If this does not work for you, please send the details along with screenshots of any errors received to Support.

If you have used Unity Personal, or a different Pro/Plus license key, in the past you need to update your Editor to input your new license details. To do this, please follow this process:

  1. Open the Unity Editor as usual
  2. Sign in with your Unity account
  3. Press the 'Unity' button (or 'Help' if you are on a Windows machine)
  4. Press 'Manage License'
  5. Select 'Activate new license' and type in your new Unity serial number.

More Information

For guidance on how to locate your license serial number (Plus, Pro and Enterprise users only), please see this article.

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