How do I receive my Ads revenue?


  • I am a Publisher using Unity Ads in my apps to generate revenue
  • I would like to know how to receive my Ads revenue


You are using Unity Ads to generate revenue in your games. You have not received any of your accumulated earnings yet and would like to know how to do so.


To receive your Unity Ads revenue, you must invoice Unity directly. Once we receive your invoice, you should receive your revenue payout within 30 days. Sometimes, this time frame can lengthen due to a high influx of invoices, but we are working on automating payments for the future.
Unity Ads currently only offers payments by wire transfer. To request payment, you must submit an invoice to The minimum earnings balance required to submit an invoice is $100 USD.
When you submit an invoice for the first time, you need to include your bank account information via the set Unity form available from our Ads FAQ.

More Information

Please see the Unity Ads FAQ for further information. It will include links to forms and specifics regarding the invoicing process.

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