How do I get Pay to Own?


  • I am interested in the 'Pay to Own' payment plan


'Pay to Own' is a new way to pay for licenses as of June 28th 2016.


If you subscribe to the new Unity Pro for a minimum of 24 consecutive months, you get to keep the version you have if you notify us that you are stopping your subscription, and choosing pay to own.

At that point, you will stop receiving access to Pro tier Services, new features and upgrades. You will receive the next 3 patches. We reserve the right to grant access to additional patches in the event that we find severe bugs.

If you later resume subscribing, you will still own the perpetual license you elected, but again start receiving updates, fixes and Services. Once you have subscribed for another 24 consecutive months, if you should then elect to cease this new subscription, you will then be granted a new perpetual license of the then current version of Unity.

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