How does the campaign approval process work?


  • I am using Unity Ads and would like to know the review process for ad campaigns.


The campaign needs to be reviewed prior to it being put live.


We need to review your campaign before it can be put live. As part of the review process, we need to verify the following conditions:

  • Campaign creatives are in the correct format.
  • Campaign content is not overly graphic or sexually explicit.
  • Campaign budget and bids meet the minimum requirements.
  • Store badges for Google Play do not appear in iOS campaign creatives.
  • If Server-to-Server Install Tracking is being used, the tracking link needs to be validated (not required when using SDK Install Tracking).

More Information

To expedite the review process, make sure to follow the requirements laid out in the campaign design guide.

If your campaign has been awaiting moderation for more than 48 business hours, please contact the AdOps team to follow up on the status of your campaign.

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