Can I be paid as an individual instead of as a company?


  • I have submitted an invoice to receive my earnings. Is is possible for the earnings to be addressed to me as opposed to a company?


You are interested in having the earnings to go to a private person and not a company and would like to know what information should be included.


Yes, we can pay you. However, we handle private persons a bit differently:

  • When asked to enter a company name, simply enter your own name instead.
  • As for VAT, European Union members are only required to enter a VAT number if they currently have one. If you are a European Union member, you do not need to apply for a VAT number to use Unity Ads. If you do not have a VAT number, simply enter "none" in the field when prompted.

More Information

For more information about payment requests, please review the Unity Ad revenue payment request document.

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