How do I change my billing details?


  • I would like to change my Organization's billing details
  • I would like to purchase my subscription/Assets from a different bank/Paypal account


There are two processes to change billing details, depending on when you took the subscription out (the system changed on June 28th 2016).


Licenses purchased before 28th June 2016:

You can change your subscription billing details through the web account attached to the subscription (that is, the Unity account you used to purchase the subscription):

  1. Go to Unity Accounts
  2. Log into the account you used to purchase the subscription
  3. Go to the Unity Store
  4. Click 'My Account'
  5. Click billing details
  6. Change details and save.

Licenses purchased after 28th June 2016, or migrated to a post-June 28th subscription plan:

You can change your billing details through the purchasing Organization:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click "Organizations" on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select the Organization you used when you purchased the subscription/license
  4. Click "Edit Organization"
  5. Change the billing details in the next screen and save.

More Information

If your license is registered in the new licensing system, you can download copies of your invoices through the Organization pages. See the Unity Knowledgebase article How Can I Download A Copy Of My Invoice? for guidance.

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    Chris Berry

    I have changed my organization's billing information and payment instrument, but i CANNOT USE the new payment instrument to pay for my subscriptions - I have to enter the information AGAIN. This dual entry is incredibly frustrating, as it seems dumb to add payment instruments in a collective place when we cannot use them to pay you.

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