How do I find jobs on Unity Connect?


  • I wish to know how to find jobs on Unity Connect 
  • I am a Contractor looking for work


You would like to search for specific jobs that suit your skills, or for particular jobs that you have heard are available on Unity Connect.


To find the list of vacant jobs on the Unity Connect site, simply go to the 'Jobs' section and browse the jobs that match your skills!

You are able to 'Apply', 'Skip', or 'Save' jobs for later!

You will need to:

1. If you are a Unity Connect member, you can sign in here.

2. Click "Jobs".

3. Browse Jobs!

You can then use the search bar to search for particular jobs, as well as, refine your search by Location, Skills, Experience Level, Client History or Job Type. 


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    Slava Podmurnyi

    Is it possible to apply for a job as a company on Unity Connect and not as individual ?

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