How do I post a job on Unity Connect?


  • I would like to post a job advertisement as a Client for Talent to apply for.
  • I would like to know the best way to post a job offer on Unity Connect


Joining Unity Connect as a Client allows you to post a job opening on the website.


This can be done under the 'My Posts' section of your Client profile and selecting 'Post your first job'.

Once you have submitted the information of the open role, the job opening will then be seen in your Client profile under 'Posted Jobs', where you will be able to manage the particular role and see stats such as the amount of applicants interested in your role.

Each job post will remain visible for 30 days.

More Information

All job posts are free to Clients during the Beta period. Currently, we have plans to charge Clients for posting jobs in the future, however we will not charge retroactively for previous job posts.

We will make a full announcement once charges apply.

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