When will I be able to switch to the new subscription plans?


  • I would like to change to the new Unity Pro subscription plan (post-June 2016)
  • I would like to know when I will be notified about changing to the new subscription plan


If you are currently on a Unity Pro subscription plan you may be wondering when will you be notified on changing to the new Pro subscription plan.


Existing Customers will receive an email from Unity, or a phone call from a Unity representative about switching to a new subscription. Due to the number of customers we have, we will contact Customers in groups, over the coming months. Please see the customer migration roadmap page for more details.

More Information

If you qualify to use Plus, you can start a new subscription for Plus if you are a Perpetual user. Current subscription holders will need to finish their current 12 month contracts before opening a new subscription in Plus.


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