Can I invoice an amount less than $100 for Unity Ads?


  • I would like to know if I can invoice Unity for Ads revenue of under $100
  • Is there a minimum limit I can invoice for Unity Ads?


If you have generated less than $100 revenue, you may be wondering how you can claim your revenue.


Unfortunately we are unable to process invoices for less than $100. Once your revenue has added up to an amount over $100, please invoice us as usual.

Invoices should be submitted by email to Unity Ads currently makes payouts via bank transfers. In order to guarantee smooth payment of your invoices, please follow these invoicing instructions.

When you submit your first invoice, you need to send us your bank account information using the Bank Info Form (

Then, each time you want to receive a payment you need to send us an invoice. You can download the Unity

Ads invoice template form:

More Information

Further details can be found here:

Please note: All invoices take 30 days to process from day they are received by our finance team and processed onto our system.


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