My contracted subscription plan has been suspended.


  • My contracted subscription plan has been suspended and I am not sure why
  • I would like to know what I can do if my contracted subscription plan is suspended


Your contracted subscription plan may have been suspended due to missed or failed payments.


Initially, you will receive an email from us to let you know that the payment has not reached us. If you receive this email, you can update your billing details, which will trigger a new payment attempt.

If you are still within your 12 month contract:

If you have failed to make payment on a subscription plan, after 60 days of a initial failed/miss payment the subscription plan will be handed over to an independent debt collections agency, ESP.

For customers paying by invoice the debt collection date is extended by the payment terms in the contract (default 30 days), e.g. 90 days for bundled tiers, if the default credit of 30 days is applied

If your subscription plan has gone to debt collection, you can contact them at the following address for further assistance and inquiries:

If you have finished your contract and are in a Flexible plan:

If the payment is not made, then after 28 days your subscription plan will be permanently deactivated.

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