How to enable/disable the filter out of Emojis on iOS device


  • We had implemented support for Emoji characters (from the standard Unity keyboard) and now, using Unity 5.3+, they seem to be stripped out of the string that is exposed for use in Unity.
  • We would like to enable the filter out of Emoji characters for our iOS app.
  • We would like to disable the filter out of Emoji characters for our iOS app.
  • Emoji characters are not supported by Unity, but we have our custom solution using a plug-in.  Now our solution is failing because Unity is filtering out the emoji characters.  We want to remove the filtering.


Unity currently supports code points in the Basic Multilingual Plane (U+0000 - U+FFFF), but cannot handle code points in any of the Supplemental Planes (U+10000 - U+10FFFF). So, Emoji is not supported in Unity at the moment. Support for Emoji is in the Unity roadmap, but we do not yet have an estimated release date yet.


To enable/disable filter out of Emojis, please go to the trampoline code, file and change the value for the macro FILTER_EMOJIS_IOS_KEYBOARD to 0 for enabling, 1 for disabling.

More Information

For more information, please check the patch release notes for Unity 5.3.4p1.

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    Hassan Ali

    when will unity support Emojis ?

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