How do I manage the seats in my Subscription?


  • I would like to manage the seats within my Organization/Subscription
  • I want to make changes to the seats being used in my Organization/Subscription.


If you are an Organization Owner or Manager and want to make changes and manage seats within your Organization, you can add seats through our Organizations page when signed in. You can also manage the activations for seats as needed.


You can manage the seats in your subscription by going to the following options after logging into your Unity account here.

In seat management you can see how many seats are already assigned and if you have any left over to be assigned to new members. You can assign and revoke seats and purchase additional seats for your subscription if you wish. 

More Information

For more information on how to return seats of your license for further use, please see this article.

If you have a license or subscription on our pre-2016 system, this option will not be available to you, however you can disable activations on your license through this process.


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