What is a 'Seat'?


  • I am interested in purchasing a license, or adding more activations to my current license.
  • I can see the option to add more 'seats' to my ongoing subscription. What does a 'Seat' mean?


Owners or Managers who want to have more than one person within their Unity Organization using a copy of a paid license (Pro or Plus), will need to purchase extra 'seats' for new users using Unity software. So, seats must be assigned to users by the Owner or Manager of their Unity Organization in order for the users to activate Unity.


When you subscribe to Unity, you purchase a number of seats, which concede access rights, according to Terms or Service, for each person in your Organization that will be using Unity software.

For example, if you have 10 users on your Organization, you need a Unity Pro subscription with 10 seats, with each seat costing $150/month.

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    Scott Adams

    Where is the definition of "seat"?

    I am trying to determine if one user is able to use their license on multiple machines?

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