My flexible subscription plan has been deactivated.


  • I own a Unity Pro subscription plan, which has passed its initial contracted period.
  • My subscription is more than 12 months old and has been deactivated.


Once subscriptions are in a flexible plan, payments must be made within the time limit to ensure that the service continues. Lack of payment will unfortunately lead to your plan being deactivated.


We will send through an automated email to let you know if your subscription payment has not reached us. This email will let you know the time limit you have to send through the payment. If your payment is not made within the specific time limit for your plan, the subscription will be deactivated.

Different types of Unity Service have different payment limits. If you are paying by credit card, or Paypal, these time limits apply:

  • License Subscription Tiers: 14 days
  • Premium Support: 14 days
  • Source Code: 14 days
  • Individual services: 7 days

For example, payments for a Premium Support contract need to come through within 14 days of the billing date. This means that if your payment is due on the 1st, you have until the 14th to send through the payment before the subscription is deactivated.

For customers paying by invoice, the cut-off date is extended by 30 days. For example 44 days for Bundled Tiers, due to the associated 30 day credit.

Unfortunately, if the payment is missed and your subscription has been deactivated, you will need to set up a new contracted subscription to continue to use the service.

More Information

The payment cut off dates above apply regardless of payment frequency. Whether you are paying quarterly, annually, or monthly, the time limits on the due dates will be the same.

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