Can I restore my unsaved scene after Unity crash?

  • Unity Editor crashed after pressing the Play button and all my changes are unsaved.
Unity saves your scene each time when you hit the Play button. It is not saved over the original scene file, instead it is saved in the project’s Temp directory.
If you want to restore your scene file, you cannot re-launch Unity Editor after the crash. If you do, you will lose the scene file and all your progress with it!
If you want to restore your crashed scene, you have to go to your project’s directory (this is the folder that also contains the Assets directory) then enter the Temp/__Backupscenes directory. You will find the 0.backup file within. This is your saved scene file. 
Now all you have to do is to copy this file and replace your previous scene file with the copy. You will need to set the file extension to unity in order to make this file recognizable as Unity scene file.
Please remember to backup your project folder before making this kind of changes. If you make any mistake, you can easily go back and try again.
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Please also see this Blog Post.
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    Casy Adjei

    Unity. I would be helpful for you to warn us aboutthat before we open our project and lose all of our work after making a level, game and other stuff the entire and afternoon. Gosh darn it. Now I still have empty materials and  sripts but no level text or geometry.

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    David Bradbury

    Just ran into the same thing - You guys seriously have this functionality built in but don't warn the user? What project manager decided that was a good idea to pull?

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    Christian Dicker

    This just happened to me, and just wow...

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    ninoski 404

    It worked! I just restored about 2 hours of work that I was sure I lost!

    Also you really should tell users that this feature exists without them googling it...

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    This is honestly the worst "after the fact" advice I have ever read.

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    Samet Serif

    i've had that situation. Unity crashed i wasn't surprised because it happens a lot on my machine, so i restarted unity as usual. but unlike the crashes before, this time the the whole scene was gone. while researching for a solution i figured out very quickly that i shouldn't have restarted it again.

    the file recovery tools couldn't find anything to recover.

    however, i managed to fix it.

    in my case the deleted temp folder was in my trash. (!)

    if you have this scenario follow the steps.

    1. Save the Files from trash.

    2. empty the temp folder in your untiy project.

    3. copy the saved files in to your unity project temp folder

    (NOW under "yourUnityProject\Temp\__Backupscenes" should be a file named "0.backup.")

    4. Copy that "0.backup" file in your main "myUnityProjectFolder".

    5. Rename "0.backup" to "yourProjectName.unity"

    6. Start.


    If you can compile your project and everythng works, congratulation!

    (first i tried to put the "0.unity" in assets. that caused that all my textures were pink and unity created a new assets and library folder in the assets folder were i'v placed it. i had to do all steps again.)

    anyway, i still couldnt run the project. the edior crashed with a 0 pointer error or somethig. the reason for that was a component in a model.

    after replacing that it compiled!!!!

    i hope it helps someone.











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    Let me highlight the idiocy here:


    "If you want to restore your scene file, you cannot re-launch Unity Editor after the crash.

    If you do, you will lose the scene file and all your progress with it!"



    Somebody, somewhere, thought this was a good idea. Others coded it into reality without questioning it. Someones tested it. Someone else approved its release.


    All of these people need to examine their core values. They may be missing!

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    Artur Kokin

    Losing backup after re-launching Unity is beyond my understanding.. 🤦‍♀️

    Anyway, for those who are on Windows 10 and using OneDrive sync (and if you are saving project under your Documents or other synced OneDrive folder)

    Check OneDrive Recycle bin and search for /Temp folder, restore and proceed 😊

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    Dennis Lowe

    I tried looking for my Temp folder but none exist in the projects folder (or in any other folder that's connected with Unity for that matter...)

    After a whole day of building a scene it just disappeared through one small mistake I made.

    It's a shame that the developers have decided that such a simple thing like autosave is too much of a time waster, maybe it's because I am using a beta build (2018.2.14f1) and they don't want any leftovers when they call it a day..........

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    frank smith

    Have you considered data recovery software ? If the files are still there, as in not overwritten yet, they may still be recoverable using data recovery software such as DiskInternals Uneraser for data recovery. In any event, act fast, because Windows recycles freed up space quickly. So the files get overwritten with new data. If on your system drive, where the Windows OS is installed, chances of recovery may already be slim. Your chances of success increase exponentially if the files were deleted from a non system drive or USB stick or something. Success, Peter

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    Andrew XX

    "If you want to restore your scene file, you cannot re-launch Unity Editor after the crash.

    If you do, you will lose the scene file and all your progress with it!"


    Welp there goes my 1 hour work just cause` I decided to lauch unity again.

    Thanks again unity.

    Just kidding I love you Unity ;--;


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    Paul Long

    To pile on here, you don't know you've lost anything until you've restarted Unity, so I suppose every user will encounter this problem at least once before being bitten. Autosave, or something should be done. Not sure how much I've lost, but now my app doesn't run anymore. What a pain!

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    Kateryna Tarasova

    Yes, you can by using which helps to recover deleted files for a minimum time. It's really easy to do. Just download an app and follow the instructions.

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    Spencer Boomhower

    Unity: As a long-time user who's lost my share of scenes (most recently not Unity's fault but because 3ds Max locked up my machine) and who never thinks to check for backup until after I've started Unity - because firing up Unity is the most automatic thing I do at the start of the day - let me add to the chorus: This is a GOOD FEATURE that is POORLY IMPLEMENTED. 

    How about you simply keep the backup scene around until, I don't know, the next time you close Unity? Or the next time you save? Something useful like that, and considerate of the user's experience? How hard would that be to do?

    Deleting the backup scene upon startup is like an unfunny practical joke. 

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