How do I downgrade my Unity subscription tier?


  • I want to downgrade my subscription from Pro to Plus
  • I would like to downgrade to a lower tier of subscription after my initial 12-month commitment period has ended.


Unity offers different tiers of subscriptions. Unity Plus and Pro have different levels of access to Unity Services, at different pricing levels.

If you are within your 12-month commitment period, it is not possible to downgrade your subscription plan from Pro to Plus, because you have agreed to remain on this level of subscription for the set period of time. However, if you qualify, you can downgrade after the 12-month commitment is finished.


Read the Software Tier Terms of Service for further information on whether you are eligible to use Unity Plus instead of Unity Pro.

Note: It is possible to upgrade your subscription to a higher tier while inside your 12-month commitment period. More information on how to do this can be found here.

To discuss your current subscription tier, contact Unity Support.

Please note that the above contractual obligation also applies to other contracted subscriptions (for example, Premium Support and Source Code access).

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