What is the purpose of the 'Groups' tool in Organizations?


  • What is the Groups tool option in Organizations used for?
  • I would like to know how to manage users in my Organization


As an Owner or Manager within an Organization, you may want to move members within the Organization to work in different Projects or teams. The Groups tool makes it simple to manage this.


Groups is a tool to help larger Organizations share Unity projects among sets of people. An Owner or Manager of an Organization can take members of his/her Organization, assign them to a Group and add that Group to a Unity project, thereby giving members in that Group access to work on the Project.

More information

Users can only read and view data (with the exception of Ads revenue data), not edit it.

To create and manage a Group, you need to sign in here.

To invite a Group of users into a Project and manage their Project roles, you need to sign in here.


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