What can Owners, Managers, and Users do in an Organization?


  • I am an Owner, Manager or a User for a Unity Organization
  • I would like to know what administrative rights there are for the different roles in my Unity Organization.


In an Organization, you have different administrative rights depending on whether you are an Owner, Manager, or a User. Different roles give access to certain levels of administrative rights within the Organization. 


  • Owners have access to all settings in any of their Organizations' subscriptions, across all Projects. They are the only users who have access to payment instruments, subscription invoices, and billing information for the Organization. They can also assign seats to other members of the Organization.
  • Managers can also access most settings in any of their Organizations' subscriptions, across all Projects. They can add Users, access Ads revenue data, assign seats to the Users and do almost everything an Owner can do. They cannot, however, see billing details and credit card information for the Organization or any invoices generated on behalf of the Organization.
  • Users can only read and view information (with the exception of Ads revenue data and data relating to finances), and therefore, can not edit it.

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    Aut Jaroenrit

    For information on how to download your subscription invoices, see the Unity Knowledgebase article How Can I Download A Copy Of My Invoice?.

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