Why should I upgrade my Unity Pro perpetual license to a new plan?


  • I have received an email from Unity saying that I qualify for an upgrade offer
  • I would like to know what benefits I will have by moving my 3.x/4.x/5.x perpetual license to a new subscription plan


Unity licensing switched to a subscription service beginning in June 2016. If you have purchased a perpetual license, or subscription plan before June 15th, you may be sent an email with information about the migration process.


Switching to the new licensing system means that you will have access to all new features and updates as they are released.

The new subscription plan also has some benefits, which were not included in the previous Pro plans. These include:

  • Curated Pro Asset Kits - more information here
  • Flexible seat management
  • 3 months access to Unity Pro Certification Courseware

You may also qualify for an upgrade offer, depending on what sorts of licenses you currently hold. If you qualify, you will be sent an email with more information.

More Information

You can choose to convert your existing subscriptions to a new Unity Pro subscription at any point in time. If you choose not to convert, you will be able to use your existing subscriptions until June 15th, 2018. 
Perpetual conversion offers will only be available for a limited period of time. If you choose to convert your perpetual license it will be moved to our new seat management system. You will not loose your perpetual license and will continue to be able to use it after April 1, 2017, even if you do not want to continue on the new Unity Pro subscription.
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    Well, that statement isn't accurate.

    "Cloud Build is integrated into your subscription"

    - It already is in the current perpetual and pro subscriber plans.

    "Curated Pro Asset Packs - free access every month to a hand-picked selection of the best assets from the Community"

    - These are not free, they are "40%" off and most plans require payment of 100$ or more.  There is a free Level 11 plan but that exists today, with both perpetual and pro subscriber plans.



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