What makes a great key image?


  • I am an Asset Store Publisher wishing to make my assets more appealing to users
  • I have been advised that my key images need improvement


Key images can increase customer interest in your assets and enhance your user base.


Assets on the Asset Store have different kinds of images:

Large key images:

Please choose an interesting image that demonstrates what your asset does. We appreciate this is not an easy task for all asset categories and your creativity can be put to a hard test.
Images must preferably be without text, logo, or watermark. On your asset page, all written information is right next to the key image. Any kind of text or logo on your image is at great risk of interfering with our sales overlays which hence decreases the visual standard. Besides, we occasionally choose individual assets and run an Asset Store financed social media promotion. Due to especially Facebook’s regulations, any asset with text on its key image must be disregarded.

Small key images:

To enhance readability, please leave the bottom half (where the text goes) white. See more on this subject in our Submission Guidelines paragraph 7.

More Information

For more information on submission, please see here.
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