How do I download an asset I have purchased?


  • I would like to know how to download an asset I have purchased
  • I have not been sent a download link for my asset purchase


You may find that after purchasing an asset via the Asset Store that you have not received a download link or product key.

This can make it unclear on how you can download an asset you have just purchased.


The Unity Asset Store does not use download links. Assets can only be downloaded via the Unity Editor and you will need ensure that you are logged into the account that the asset was purchased on.

Please see the steps below on how to download Assets once successfully purchased:

1. Open the Unity Engine software.

2. Click "Window" > "Asset Store".

3. Log in

4. Find Asset.

5. Click the ‘buy’ button. If you have already purchased, there will be an option to download or import.

6. Download Asset.

Once assets have been downloaded, they can also be found in the following directory:

Windows - User>AppData>Roaming>Unity> Asset Store
Mac - User>Library>Unity>Asset Store

If you are not able to reveal the 'download' or 'import' buttons upon pressing the 'buy' button, this means that your purchase has not gone through.

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