Is there specific information that I should not include in my MWU story, or profile?


  • I am in the process of creating a Made With Unity story and would to like to know if there is anything that would hinder its acceptance to the site.
  • I want to write for the MWU website and would like to know if there is any information that is unwanted in my story.


You want to write/are in the process of writing an article for the Made With Unity website. You know what you should include, but have been wondering if there is anything that should not be included.

We want to have a standard across the site for our MWU stories, so there are certain things that will not be accepted.


We would advise anyone writing a MWU story not to submit anything in the form of a marketing pamphlet, spam, or bullet point lists. Basically, ask yourself “would I want to read this?”

Furthermore, there is not any need to entirely focus on how awesome Unity is! Please talk about your game as if you were writing for any other video game media outlet. This is all about you. It is of course fine to mention us, if it is an important part of your story. For example, if you are discussing how you designed lighting in part of your game to create a specific mood, and if Real-time Global Illumination was a big part of that.

Ideally the subject matter of your story should not be too technical (for example lots of code on screen). We want you to reach a broad audience, not just game developers! If it is a groundbreaking mechanic that makes your game stand out however, then by all means tell us about it and why it makes the experience that much better.

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