What type of stories are wanted for the Made With Unity website?


  • I am interested in getting my Developer story on the MWU website.
  • I am interested as to what specific topics stories, for the Made With Unity website should focus on.


You are a Developer who has come across the Made With Unity. You would like to include your story on the website, but want to know what kinds of stories are submitted and shown!


We advise taking a look at the featured articles for inspiration. These are stories that we think are most interesting and have chosen to reflect what we believe is a great Made With Unity story! Looking at the MWU homepage will also be helpful to you.

In general, we want your stories to focus on an interesting aspect of your game and game development. The ideal story will show your project in a new light, giving the reader a different outlook on your creation.

Particular questions to think about may be: What was the most important design feature of your game and why (audio, animation, art)? What is the backstory and inspiration that led to your game? Where did an aspect of your game design start and where did it end up?

Be inventive and show those important unknown aspects that were used to make your game what it is!

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