I have created a Made With Unity Profile and it is pending review. When can I expect it to be live?


  • I would like to know when my Made With Unity account will be reviewed.
  • I am interested to know when I can expect my MWU Profile to go live on the website.


You are a Developer who has submitted their Profile for review. You want to know how long this review process takes and when your Profile will appear on the MWU website.


We have been blown away by the overwhelming amount of submissions and are so grateful for the positive response to MWU!

We want to get everyone on the site as soon as possible, but it could take several days for your submission to get looked at initially.

The MWU review team will look at your Profile and if they believe it follows the submission criteria, they will make your Profile live on the website!

More information

For what our review team look for in Profiles see here.


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