What should I include on my Studio/Game profile when applying for MWU?


  • I would like to create a Made with Unity profile and want to know what information is required.
  • I am interested in applying for MWU and would like more information about what I should include on my profile.


You are a Developer that as heard about Made With Unity, and would like to get your profile and story on the website. You would like to know what specific information you should include on your MWU profile.


Be descriptive! Tell us who you are as a developer and what kinds of games you make. Your company background, how many people work on the games and where they are located could also be interesting.

Use as many high quality images as possible in your game profile. This will make it more aesthetically pleasing to the viewers. In order for readers to learn more about your games, they will need to know what you are about as a Developer and Company! Visuals are a great way to show this.

A game profile is not required, but this does help speed up the vetting process. This is so we know you are an active Developer with some professional experience. A game profile also enables you to be included in the Games gallery!

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