Who are the Administrators/Moderators?


  • I would like to know who are the current Administrators and Moderators of the Forum are.
  • How do I tell the Administrators and Moderators apart from the rest of the users on the Forum?

The Forums have a team of Administrators and Moderators to ensure that all the content posted there by our users are within guidelines and help the flow of discussion by ensuring threads are in the designated sub-forums.


Moderators of the Forum can be recognized by a blue badge under their avatar. Unity staff can be recognized by a black banner under their avatar.

Maru and Leonhard are our current Community Managers for the Forums and Answers pages. As Moderators on the Forums we have Eric5h5, hippocoder, Tenebrous, Thomas Pasieka, ZombieGorilla, as well as several Unity Staff members.

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