There is a technical problem with the Forums.


  • I am having difficulties in accessing the Unity Forums.
  • The Forums are not loading up. I think they may be down or unavailable.
  • I have noticed something on the Forum that needs to be fixed.


There may be times when our Forums become temporarily unavailable due to a fault, or if our Forums are undergoing routine maintenance.

In rare situations, there may be a technical glitch on our Forum where something does not look as it should and we have not yet corrected it.


In the first instance, it is best to check our Twitter feed here and see if we have either informed the public of maintenance going on, or if we are aware of the Forums being down. In the event that there are no posts about Forum downtime, please contact Unity Support.

If you happen to spot a cosmetic glitch in the way the Forums look, please post in our Feedback area with as much information as you can.


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