How do I get a profile and story on MWU?


  • I would like to feature on the Made With Unity website.
  • I am interested in getting my profile and story onto MWU.


You are a developer that has heard about Made With Unity, and would like to get your profile and story on the website. This can increase user awareness and help to publicise your game to a wider audience.


To start the process in appearing on the MWU website, you should follow these instructions:

  • Go here
  • Click the 'Create MWU Profile' button in the top right of the site and sign in using your Unity account. (Note: You must create a Unity account if you do not already have one.)
  • Set up a Developer profile on MWU by filling out the necessary fields. Each profile is reviewed by Unity and must be approved before it is added to MWU.
  • Once you have created a developer profile, you can add your made-with-unity game(s) to it whilst your profile is still being reviewed. (At least one game/project must be attached to a developer profile for approval.)

You do not just show your games on MWU; you can tell your story too. On your profile page you can choose to add an article about yourself and your games.

If you do not have a story to share just yet, you can still promote your game(s) on our new gallery and let everyone know what you are up to!

More Information

You can read our guidelines for MWU story submissions here.


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