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Can I install more than one version of Unity on the same machine?



  • Emile AKQA

    The question was "can i Activate multiple versions of Unity" not can in install multiple versions of unity. 

    What is left unanswered is if i have to activate each install individually and whether or not that counts towards your activation count. 

    It would be helpful to more fully understand if activation is per PC/Mac user account or per Editor install?

  • Dean Foster

    Yeah, the question asked does not match up with the answer provided! I believe this is because the actual answer (which they're trying to avoid) is that, no, you can't activate multiple versions of Unity on one machine. The license can only be active on one version at a time, meaning that you have to release the license back and then activate it again on the other version. This is a very awkward way for people to manage multiple projects with different versions (unless you pay for another license!!)

  • Steven C Mance2

    I have upgraded from 'Personal' to 'Plus'. But the Editor always comes up as the free version (Personal). I don't know what I did or didn't do correctly. Do you have a clue?

  • Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Steven, 

    Thanks for the comment, 

    I've checked that the Plus license key is assigned to your account but it has not been activated yet. 

    Can you activate your license first via Unity hub by following this article

    After then, you will be able to find your activation record via your dashboard by signing in at and going to the "My Seats" tab.

    If you have any problem activating your license, please reach out to us via, and we will look into your issue further. 


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