Can I activate more than one version of Unity on the same machine?


  • I would like to run multiple versions of Unity on my machine
  • I would like to activate multiple Unity Editor versions on the same machine


You may be developing a game using multiple versions of the Editor and need to activate several versions of the Editor on the same machine.


You can install multiple versions of the Editor on a single machine by installing them in different directories.

Macintosh Users:

You will be able to install multiple versions of the Editor, however you may have trouble finding them once installed if you do not rename the folders. When the Editor is installed, navigate to the Unity folder in Finder and rename it.

We also recommend that you rename the .exe file within the installation folder. There are a few people who also change the icon, which is a great idea.

Windows Users: 

When installing the Editor, please ensure that you rename the directory that the Editor is installed to.

Ensure that you change this install folder name for each new version, otherwise the older version will be replaced.

More Information

For more information on how to activate Unity, please see this article.

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    Emile AKQA

    The question was "can i Activate multiple versions of Unity" not can in install multiple versions of unity. 

    What is left unanswered is if i have to activate each install individually and whether or not that counts towards your activation count. 

    It would be helpful to more fully understand if activation is per PC/Mac user account or per Editor install?

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