My asset is being pirated, how can I get the torrent removed?


  • I have found my asset(s) on a torrent site that is allowing anyone to download it for free.
  • I wish to remove my files from a website pirating my assets(s).


Once a user has your asset files, unfortunately it is technically possible for them to share these on torrent sites.


To remove a torrent, or any other pirated copy of your asset, from a website you should make a DMCA take-down (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) request to the Administrator of that site.

This is a copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This will allow you to flag a webpage/website for a take-down:

Note: Unity Technologies will not be able to remove assets that have infringed copyrights unless the asset is being distributed on the Unity website/answers/forums or Asset Store.

More Information

If the pirated material is on our own Asset Store, please follow the guidance in this article:

How do I report copyright infringement on and asset on the asset store?

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    Leslie Godwin

    Ya you will have to keep searching for your stuff every now and then and report the links to the hosting sites.

    You should also feel a little proud that your code is good enough to steal.

    I mean, some people make assets that no-one wants to torrent ;-)

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