My asset is being pirated, how can I get the download removed?


  • I have found my asset(s) on a torrent site that is allowing anyone to download it for free.
  • I wish to remove my files from a website pirating my assets(s).


Once a user has your asset files, unfortunately it is technically possible for them to share these on piracy sites due to the lack of DRM on asset store files.


To remove an asset file from one of these sites, you should make a DMCA take-down (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) request to the Administrator of that site.

This is a copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This will allow you to flag a webpage/website for a take-down:

Note: Unity Technologies will not be able to remove assets that have infringed copyrights unless the asset is being distributed on the Unity website/answers/forums or Asset Store.

More Information

If the pirated material is on our own Asset Store, please follow the guidance in this article:

How do I report copyright infringement on and asset on the asset store?

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    Leslie Godwin

    Ya you will have to keep searching for your stuff every now and then and report the links to the hosting sites.

    You should also feel a little proud that your code is good enough to steal.

    I mean, some people make assets that no-one wants to torrent ;-)

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