How do I transfer assets to my offline machine?


  • I would like to transfer Assets to my offline machine
  • I would like to download Assets to my offline machine
  • My machine cannot be connected to the Internet, how can I transfer my purchased Assets to this computer?


Your project may currently be stored on an offline machine or environment and you need to add Assets that have been purchased on the Asset Store to the project. 


1. You will need to first download the asset via a machine that is connected to the Internet.

2. Once downloaded, you can find the asset files in the following directory.

*Please note: These folders are hidden by default*

Windows - User>AppData>Roaming>Unity>Asset Store>"Publisher Name"
Mac - User>Library>Unity>Asset Store>"Publisher Name"

3. You can transfer the asset files via USB to the offline machine, or one of the machines in your offline environment.

More Information

Please note: If you need all users in your offline environment to use the Asset you will need to share it via the network using source control, also, if the Asset(s) in question are 'Editor Extensions' or in the Asset description it says 'license per seat' then '1' copy of the Asset per developer will need to be purchased.

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    Nathan Schuetz

    Isn’t this explicitly disallowed in the eula? You aren’t allowed to make any copies at all

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