How can I download a copy of my invoice?


  • I need to download previous invoices for my subscription
  • I would like a copy of my subscription invoices


Invoices are only accessed via your Das


Users who purchased a license after June 2016, or migrated an old license to the new system:

Owners of Unity Organizations can download subscription invoices through our website:

1. Log in to your account:
2. Click "Organizations" shown on the left side of the screen under "My Account".



3. Select the organization that your subscription license is attached to.

4. Click "Transaction History"

5. Invoices will then be displayed under the "Purchases" tab. You can download invoices by pressing the download button next to the invoice.


Users that purchased their license before June 2016:

Your invoices will be in your purchasing email account. If you have inadvertently deleted the email, please contact us with the details of the purchase so that we can locate the invoice in our systems.

More Information

For more information on what Owners can do, please see this article.

For information on how to add users to your Organization, please see this article.

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