How can I download a copy of my Unity Pro/Plus subscription invoice?


  • I need to download the invoices for my Unity Pro/Plus subscription.
  • I would like a copy of my subscription invoices.
  • I did not receive the invoice for my subscription.


We have two scenarios in which users can request the copy of the Unity Pro/Plus subscription invoice:

  • Users who purchased their license before June 2016: 

The invoices will be emailed to the purchasing email account. If you have mistakenly deleted the email, please contact Unity support with the details of the purchase so that we can search the invoice in our systems.

  • Users who purchased a license after June 2016, or migrated an old license to the new licensing system:

The invoices can only be accessed on your account’s profile via page, providing that you are the Organization owner.

Note: Users within an Organization that are assigned the Manager or User roles are not able to view or download invoices.



The owners of Unity Organizations can download subscription invoices through our web page:

  1. Log in to your Unity ID

  2.  Click ‘Organizations’ shown on the left side of the screen.


  3. Click the Organization that your subscription is attached to.


  4. Once you are in your desired Organization, click ‘Transaction History’.


  5. Finally, you will find the invoices under the ‘Purchases’ tab. You can download the PDF invoices by clicking ‘Download’. 


More Information:

What can owners, managers, and users do in an Organization?
How do I invite members to my Organization?



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    Katsunori Ogane

    Can I receive my invoice every month by email?

    Is that an option only for users that purchased their license before June 2016?

    Edited by Katsunori Ogane
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    Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Katsunori, 

    Thanks for the question. 

    Last year, some changes were made on how invoices from your subscription are received.

    These changes were made to tighten our security system in order to protect our users’ information from being exposed by any mistake that we may have in our automated mailing system.

    See above article on how to find this on your account for any future invoices you will need to download.

    I hope this helps,

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    Im trying to download an invoice but can’t see any files (Transaction History —> purchases). I am the owner of an Organization. Last month (May 2020) I was able to download the invoices.

    I have also contacted support, but no response yet.

    Additional help is much appreciated


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    Hi Rick. 

    Derek from Unity Customer Service here. Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry for the delayed response. We've been receiving an influx of tickets and are currently working through them as quickly as possible.

    I can see your ticket in our queue and we will get to it very shortly. I've also taken a look at your Unity ID linked to the email address which submitted the ticket and cannot see any subscriptions attached.

    To better assist you with this, can you please reply to the same ticket thread to inform us which account this is in relation to? 

    I really appreciate your understanding. All the best. 

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