How do I assign a seat to a user?


  • I would like to give a new user access to my Unity Plus, Pro, or Enterprise license
  • I am the Owner or Manager of my Unity Organization
  • I have received the error: "Serial Is Not Assigned To You, Please Contact The Owner Of The Organization"


The ability to use a license is controlled by Seats. This is a new system as of June 28th 2016. Seats must be assigned to users by the Owner or Manager of their Unity Organization in order for them to activate Unity.


  • First sign in to your Unity account on the main site. On the left hand side of the screen you will see the 'Organizations' Tab.

This will show the Organizations you own, or are a member of.

  • Click the 'Manage/View' button on the right side of the Organization you wish to return an activation on. Please note you may only return an activation for a Organization if you are the Owner or Manager.

  • On the next page, on the left side you will be able to select the option 'Seats & Services'

  • On the following page, you will be able to see how many Seats are 'Available/Pending' in that specific Organization, then click the 'Manage Seats' button.

  • On the next page, you will be able to assign seats to users, using their Unity account email addresses.
  • Once you have found the member you are searching for, click their name and it will appear highlighted in green, then click 'Assign 1 Seat(s)'.
  • Each user will then receive an email to accept the activation.


More Information

To make someone a Manager in your Organization, please see this article.

A user can bring a Pro Seat of the Editor with them when collaborating on a project for another Organization, but not the Services as they are tied to the purchasing Organization. That is to say, Services can only be used on projects owned by their purchasing Organization.

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    Арсен Ђури

    that is true
    after hdd crash on my work computer i can not activate subscription again a have removed seat added again and now i am stuck. And i don't want to cancel subscription and then add a new one because i could  lose my price i got recently 26 instead of 35. Does anybody know how to reset subscription , or to remove seat assign to another mail and will i lose my price  discount ?

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    Арсен Ђури

    I have managed to return license on my home computer, and removed me as user of that license and then I have successfully added license to my work computer. but now i can not use it on my home computer.

    Means  now only one computer can use license instead two, and still dont know how to release license for other computer since hdd is dead .

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    Hey! Sorry to hear you have had some issues with your activation's.

    All activation's can be returned via the Unity Editor. You can do this by following the below instructions:

    1. Open Unity
    2. Click “Unity” (or Windows user click “Help”)
    3. Click "Manage License..."
    4. Click "Return License"


    As your machine had a crash however, you will need to contact our Support team to reset your license activations for you!

    Please email '', stating the name of the machine you would like resetting, and this can be done for you!


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    Jindřich Regál

    I wrote to support with the exact same problem as Арсен Ђури, but no response. Please repair my licence (request 89773), I woul like to continue my work :-).

    Thanks :)

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    Hey Jindrich,

    Looking on our systems, it seems that your issue has now been resolved by our Customer Service team! Glad your issue was fixed :)

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    It looks like Unity has managed to set up a "hell of a ride" when it comes to activate one's license! ;)

    My problem is a bit similar: I've managed to set up my account settings (Name: By / User: Computed), to assign a seat to myself (Name: Keller / User: ptrckkllr) - I want to assign it to someone else later -, I've received the code to access my Unity seat by email. So far so good.

    And then... then nothing happens... (I'm not prompted when I open the editor and if I then try to enter the received code myself in the Help/Manage License section I'm being told that the code is wrong... I did try several times, reassign seat, etc. Same issue)

    As a matter of act, as I couldn't achieve that last month when I bought the product, but then had to travel, I lost the access to the Accelerator Pack offer I also bought...

    I tried again today, same issue.


    I have a Unity Plus, one seat.

    Could you please help?

    Is the reason linked to the fact that I also have a Unity Personal installed (but not activated apparently)?

    And as a matter of fact, could you reactivate my Accelerator Pack that I lost at the same time? That would be great!!

    Thanks in advance, 


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