How do I access an existing Unity Project on which Collaborate is enabled??


To access a Unity Project on which Collaborate is enabled, you must be added to the Organization under which the project was created. If you are already a member of the organization, then verify that you are a Manager for that Organisation.

1. Open the project on your machine by opening up the Editor and when presented with the project window, click "In the Cloud".

Then click on the project that you need a copy of.

2. You will then need to select or create an empty folder. Unity will download and place the current version of the project inside. Once this is done, the Editor will open the project and you will be able to start developing.

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  • 8
    Jack Kinsey

    During step 2, I create a new folder for the project, but a new project is created. The project isn't downloaded.

  • 3

    Indeed, for me too. The project is downloaded. But no assets are imported to the project after the download is done. I can see the assets in the folder, but they are not linking to the unity project. :(

  • 2
    Eric Hannum

    Sorry but what's all this about "the organization?" I'm me. I don't need to invite myself to myself. I'd just like to see the projects I have in the cloud and download them on another machine...

  • 2
    Nicolas Grimmer

    Same problem. The project is downloaded from the cloud but instead of opening it, Unity opens a new project. Please help. 

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    Sebastian Gomez

    is this feature only available on the paid versions of Unity? I have the personal version and wanted to re-download my own project on another computer but after following the steps above Unity opens an empty project even though it downloaded the files from the cloud. Am I doing something wrong? I am using Unity 2018.2.12f and I started working on the project on my W10 machine, but I am downloading it on a Macbookpro. both machines are using the same version of Unity

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