How do I enable Two Factor Authentication on my account?


  • I would like to add Two Factor Authentication to my existing Unity account
  • How can I improve the security of my account?


Unity have taken steps to improve security of our users by implementing Two Factor Authentication. This offers an additional layer of security against unauthorised account access by using your mobile phone or your preferred Authenticator app to log into your account.


You can enable Two Factor Authentication by going to 'Account Settings' on your Unity account.

Under Account Security, you will see the following:

Select the '+' button to begin the activation process, then select 'Start Setup'. You will then be asked to enter your password again and then specify which method of Two Factor Authentication you wish to use, Phone Number or Authenticator App.


If you've chosen 'Phone Number'

Select the flag/country of where your phone number resides. This will auto complete the country code field. Once this is done, add your phone number (without any spaces) into the long text field and then select 'Next'. You will then be met with a screen to confirm your phone number.

Your phone number will then receive a code via SMS. Enter the code on this screen and then select 'Verify'. Please note that you only have five minutes to verify your code before it expires. If you miss this five minute deadline, you will have to start the process again.

Once you have verified your code, you will then be returned to the 'Your Two Factor Authentication' page with your phone number added.

If you've chosen 'Authenticator App'

Open your chosen Authenticator App of choice and add the shown QR code by following the steps provided on the page. If you do not have an Authenticator App, we would recommend using AWS Virtual MFA, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.

After you have added the code, enter the code generated on your mobile device into the text box in step three and press 'Verify'

Once you have verified your code, you will then be returned to the 'Your Two Factor Authentication' page with a message under Authenticator App saying 'You have already activated Authenticator App'.

Recovery Codes

It is recommended that you create recovery codes once you enable your Two Factor Authentication service, in the event that you need to gain access to your account when you are not able to receive your codes. This can happen if you are in an area with limited signal or if you have misplaced your device.

To get your Recovery Codes, select the eye icon on the far right of the Authenticator option you've chosen.


You will see five pre-generated codes. You can either download these automatically into a .text file by pressing the 'Download' button at the bottom or 'Copy' which will copy the codes to your device's clipboard for you to paste wherever you like to save them.

There is also an option to generate new codes on this page if you have used your five Recovery Codes, or if you are worried your codes have been compromised. Please note that generating new codes will expire the previously generated ones.


If you encounter any issues with Two Factor Authentication such as not receiving your verification code, please contact Support here.

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    i lost my phone how i can recover this tow factor authentaction

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